Exclusive Full Carbon Parlee Rental Bikes

With airlines now charging anywhere between $200.- $500. roundtrip for luggage fees on bike cases, this is a great, no hassle alternative to shipping your own bike. Your bike will be custom fit to your exact specifications. Choose between compact or triple cranks, custom stem lengths and heights. Just bring your own pedals and optional personal saddle and you’ll be ready to ride! Advanced reservations are a must due to limited quantities. Cost: $398. to $449. per tour. (depending on model)

• Parlee – Balanced Comfort & Performance
Parlee’s carbon frame weighs in just over 800 grams with incredible torsional stiffness yet with the most compliant bike ride available; Ultralight carbon monocoque fork is stiff, responsive and durable; Race-ready wheels are fast, light, and durable for high mileage; Ergonomic alloy handlebars for a comfortable, natural position, no matter how long the ride. Components include Sram Force with 3-T cockpit. Approx. 15.5 lbs. of pleasure.

Fully-Equiped Bikes- Ready To Ride
All our rental bikes come equiped with a wireless Garmin GPS cyclometer; frame pump, two waterbottle cages; underseat bag with tube & tire irons. Just add legs!

• Professional Road-Side Mechnical Support
Our mechanics will be there to perform final adjustments for you upon arrival. Plus you’ll have the finest on-the-road support for any maintinance or adjustments you may need during your cycling vacation. It can’t get anymore carefree than that. Please reserve your bike in advance and forward a completed “Bike Fitting Form” below with all your personal specifications.

• What the Pro’s Think- Media Reviews

“We picked the Parlee Z3 as best dream road bike in our Editor’s Choice awards last year. The main difference is that the Z4 comes in stock sizes while the Z3 is strictly custom. The ride is phenomenal. At first, it’s so subtle you realize only that it’s exceptionally light and beautifully responsive to pedal inputs. But the more you ride the Z4, the more you recognize the small, smart touches. Steering is predictable and, likewise, so smooth and quiet it takes a while to adjust your expectations; you can dive into a corner if you want, but you get to the same place by just flicking your wrists and letting the Z4 do the work. In a word, this bike is all about refinement, not fireworks.” -Bicycling Magazine

“The Parlee delivered one of the smoothest rides we’ve encountered.” -Road Bike Action Magazine

“The Z5 oozes quality. Clean lines from its non-fussy, round tube shapes deliver a ride feel that bucks the trend for huge tube shapes-often more ‘show’ than ‘go’. The Parlee is impossible to fault.” Score: 10 out of 10 -BikeRadar

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