I’ve never traveled on a plane with my bike before. How’s it done?
It’s easy–the same as checking any other piece of luggage at the airport. Packing your bike in a cardboard bike box (available free at bike shops) works just fine or you may want to invest in a more convenient & durable custom travel case (see our Team Gear page for special price). Our professional mechanics will help assemble & disassemble your bike upon your arrival or departure if you like. We also offer a limited number of high-end rental road bikes.

How do I meet up with you in Europe for my trip?
You’ll be picked up at a major airport upon arrival with your bike box and luggage (as well as dropped off upon departure)-no hassles with the language, local trains or taxis!

What type of riders/guests do you get?
Our groups of 15-23 guests are a mix of experienced recreational cyclists along with some USCF riders–no one feels out of place as we never do one large group ride. Some like to hammer and others like to take it easy. Each day you choose your own mileage and who you wish to ride with. Most groups are 50/50 singles and couples with a few non-riding spouses.

I’d like to stay on and plan an additional side-vacation- perhaps with my wife or family. Can you help with hotels and transportation ideas? What about storing my bike as I may want to travel without it?
No problem, we would be happy to give suggestions of villages to visit and hotels to use plus we can store your bike or travel case at our airport hotels in Geneva, Nice, Toulouse, Milan, Rome and Paris.

On your Tour de France or Giro d’Italia trips, how will I ride on the official race route?
By starting your ride earlier in the day, further along race route (usually the latter part of the day’s stage), you’ll be riding hours ahead of the peloton. By choosing the mileage that works with your pace and ability you’ll finish your ride with plenty of time to view the live racing action later that day!