How to Prepare for Multi-day Cycling Tour?

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Multi-day cycling events are enormously popular among cyclists. Some of such events are highly competitive, but most feature great mileage, lots of climbing and amazing camaraderie. If you are planning on riding one of the multi-day cycling events like Haute Route Rockies, 2017, you can learn a lot from the way pro cyclists prepare and manage their efforts during the stage races such as Tour de France. The wear and tear on your body after long riding forces you to think differently about the training. You should shift your focus towards...

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Five ‘must ride’ Climbs of the Alps

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French Alps have always been a dream for cycling enthusiasts. These Alps comprise of eye-catchy, exciting, and beautiful climbs that enthrall everyone to ride. So, if you’re planning to go on French cycling tour, following are highly popular and ‘must ride’ climbs in the Alps that you must not forget: Alpe d’Huez Alpe d’Huez is a famous climb and has been featured in the Tour de France 28 times. This may not be the highest or longest climb as mountain located in the Rhone-Alpes but its 21 hairpins.  During summer, it can be a real furnace...

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5 Interesting Facts about the Tour de France

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If you’re a passionate cyclist, and looking for some real fun, you should opt for Tour de France. The tour is full of fun, challenges and adventures, which is indeed a treat for an adventure-seeking cyclist. Read the following fun facts about Tour de France that you didn’t know before: Number of Chains a Cyclist Wear Out Not many cyclists aware of wearing out a chain, and therefore, taking part in the ultimate race during your France tour will be a lifetime experience for you. These chains are generally worn out three times during this...

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Things to Discover on French Bicycle Tour Vacation

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France is the perfect destination to enjoy a self-guided or group cycle tour because it reflects the unmatchable art of European architecture. It is advisable to hire a tour company to organize your tour. They create itineraries with the spirit of independent travel in mind and include other activities such as hiking etc. as well. With a professional cycling tour company, you can customize your vacation according to your time, fitness and interests. French bicycle tour is the ultimate adventure for couples, families and friends. If you’ve...

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