5 Interesting Facts about the Tour de France

If you’re a passionate cyclist, and looking for some real fun, you should opt for Tour de France. The tour is full of fun, challenges and adventures, which is indeed a treat for an adventure-seeking cyclist. Read the following fun facts about Tour de France that you didn’t know before:

Number of Chains a Cyclist Wear Out

Not many cyclists aware of wearing out a chain, and therefore, taking part in the ultimate race during your France tour will be a lifetime experience for you. These chains are generally worn out three times during this three-week event.

Huge Calorie Intake

A cyclist needs to invest great amount of energy to cycle for long hours. It is said that a cyclist requires calories of 12 Big Mac after one day of cycling in the Tour de France. If you are not a Big Mac fan, then you can get the required amount of calories by consuming 21 chocolate bars.

Win the Prize Money

Some of the competitions held during Tour de France also include great prize money. The total prize money awarded across the race is €3,200,200, which goes to the overall tour de France winner.

Create Fan Base

Thousands of fans participate in Tour de France to witness competition. On average, fans travel 80.8 miles to watch race and wait by the side of a road to watch the cyclist as they pass through that phase of the course.

Tour de France is a fun and adventurous event that involves lots of competition, food feasts, and more. Apart from the competition, you will get an opportunity to unveil the incredible beauty for France, and a chance to win huge prize money.

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